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Intimacy Coordinator

Los Angeles & New York


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  • Facilitate a dialogue between the actors and director about their comfort level with the intimate content of a scene. 

  • Prepare actors emotionally for intense intimacy scenes, such as simulated sexual assault, and providing them with support throughout the process, as well as emotional aftercare if needed.

  • Ensure that during the filming of a scene the boundaries of the actors are not being crossed and that they remain safe throughout, both physically and emotionally.

  • Provide a safe environment in which actors can do their work.

  • Ensure that closed set and SAG-AFTRA nudity guidelines are followed.

  • Serve as an on-set advocate and ally for LGBTQIA+ cast members.

  • Assist in choreography of simulated sex scenes to enhance believability.

  • Coordinate with departments such as costumes and makeup to make sure that the actors are provided with appropriate nudity garments, barriers, and prosthetics.

Intimacy Coordinators act as a liaison between the actor, director, and production to facilitate effective and clear communication around scenes involving nudity and simulated sex. We work to make sure that the actors feel safe, while at the same time supporting the director's process for realizing their vision. Intimacy Coordinators help to:

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Intimacy Coordination

As an Intimacy Coordinator, Rebecca works with production and with the director to ensure actors feel safe, the vision is fulfilled, and filming is efficient the day of shooting scenes involving nudity and simulated sex. She advocates for actors, works to make sure all union and legal protocols are in place, and actors have a full understanding of consent and boundaries. Rebecca is also available to assist with choreography if requested.

Speaking Engagements

Rebecca is available to speak to your organization, group, or classroom. Prior to her work as an Intimacy Coordinator, Rebecca taught at NYU's Tisch Drama program, Mercy College, Fordham University, CSU Northridge, UC Irvine, and UC San Diego. She has delivered key note speeches in the fields of effective communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at conferences around the world. Rebecca is available to speak on the topics of intimacy coordination, how to establish effective communication on set, Emotional Intelligence for directors and producers, and unconscious bias.


Specializing in creating positive working environments for Fortune 500 organizations, Rebecca is highly sought-after for her expertise in effective communication. Some of her clients include Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, JLL, Sempra Energy, CalPRS, SANDAG, IGD, and several leading tech companies (on whose devices you're probably reading this right now) in Silicon Valley. In addition to consulting on intimacy work, Rebecca is available to coach creatives at all levels of production on how to establish effective communication strategies to increase productivity and prevent workplace conflict. 


In addition to her work on set as an Intimacy Coordinator, Rebecca also teaches both in the Intimacy Professionals Association Certification program, but also regularly offers advanced workshops for Intimacy Professionals. Follow this link to find out the latest offerings.

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Rebecca is a Certified Intimacy Coordinator with Intimacy Professionals Association (IPA). Her recent credits include The Summer I Turned Pretty (Amazon), UnprisonedReasonable Doubt (Hulu/Onyx), Griselda (Netlfix), and Bookie (Max). Feature Films include Palm Trees and Power LinesA Good Person, and To Leslie. She has covered as the Intmacy Coordinator for Pam & Tommy and Black Monday. You can view her IMDB page here.


Prior to certifying with IPA, Rebecca worked for over 12 years as a specialist in Emotional Intelligence, Collaboration, Communication, and Unconscious Bias training, working with clients at Fortune 500 companies, including high tech, biotech, marketing, finance, retail, government, and automotive industries. She taught with UC San Diego's Rady School of Management's Center for Executive Development. Clients include: Janssen Pharma (Johnson & Johnson), Citibank, JLL, CalaPRS, Sempra Energy, and several Silicon Valley companies (on whose devices you are likely viewing this site on...and, yes, more than one).  

As a long-time theatre producer, Rebecca worked to help bring the director's vision to life by supporting them in any way they needed. As the Producing Artistic Director of Stone Soup Theatre Company (San Diego, CA) she specialized in developing relationships with artists to create experimental works on a shoe-string budget. In New York City, Rebecca co-produced Erik Ehn's Soulographie: Our Genocides, a collaboration of 17 productions around the world, culminating in a 2-week festival at La MaMa ETC. She's also devised her own work that premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Additionally, Rebecca holds a Ph.D. in Theatre from UC Irvine. She taught Theatre Studies at NYU's Tisch Drama program, with emphasis on feminist approaches to theatre history and dramatic literature. She has also taught in the Theatre Departments at Fordham University, CSU Northridge, UC Irvine, MiraCosta College, and Mercy College. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the impact of the performative female body.

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Rebecca Johannsen, Ph.D.

(She, Her, Hers)



New York & Los Angeles​

Tel: 619-807-5619

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Intimacy Professionals Association

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